Flamingo Diving

When it comes to experiencing the best of diving in Bonaire, look no further than Flamingo Diving. Much like Bonaire’s iconic symbol, the Flamingo, we epitomize the sense of freedom that you anticipate when exploring the Caribbean. With our exclusive valet diving concept, we promise to deliver the most serene diving experience ever offered on the island of Bonaire.

At Flamingo Diving, we go above and beyond to ensure your underwater adventure is nothing short of extraordinary. We offer luxury apartments and villas, complete with premium dive gear and top-notch instruction led by our renowned PADI Staff Instructor, Fred Ooms.

Picture this: You arrive at our luxurious accommodations, where everything you need for a remarkable Caribbean diving experience is at your fingertips. Our expert team will take care of the details, allowing you to simply relax and soak in the complete Caribbean experience.

For more information and to discover how we can make your Bonaire diving adventure truly exceptional, visit their website at www.flamingodiving.com  “Dive into the beauty of Bonaire with Flamingo Diving and let us redefine your expectations of Caribbean diving”.